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A presentation by NEUMAN THOMPSON

Monday, November 9, 2020
12:00 noon to 1:30 pm MST 
Cost:   Complimentary

Alberta employers are under significant financial pressure as a result of both the Covid-19 pandemic, and the decline in the oil industry. The impacts on both private and public sector employers are significant, many of whom are in the midst of collective bargaining. These dire economic realities often bring forward questions about tough union negotiations, and the possibility of either a strike or lockout.

Join, Dwayne W. Chomyn, Q.C.Hugh J.D. McPhail, Q.C.Craig W. Neuman, Q.C. and Chantel T. Kassongo as they provide insights from their collective decades of experience managing work stoppages with employers across Canada. The speakers will provide meaningful tips on preparing for and surviving a work stoppage. Whether you are a public agency, board, commission or post-secondary institution facing the possibility of work stoppage for the first time, or a private sector employer with experience but looking to deepen your understanding of the challenges and opportunities that strikes and lockouts can present, this is a must-attend session.

We'll cover the legalities, but even more importantly, the concrete strategies that can help you manage risk and increase the likelihood of success in achieving your collective bargaining objectives.

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This webinar will provide general legal information but is not intended to replace legal advice.  For current legal advice and solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, please consult with us directly.